Nike, a company that stands for performance, greatness, and competition, reached out to BC Design Haus to create an internal print ad campaign. The campaign, also relating to performance, was targeting Nike employees promoting their employee performance program thru motivational visuals throughout the facilities.


We developed a series of oversized murals displayed throughout their facilities, showcasing Nike athletes in dynamic poses. These visuals were a daily reminder of how each employee should perform on the job. Avoiding the traditional creative approach, we wanted our campaign to provoke and uplift in a way that Nike does so well – through dynamic visuals and inspiring imagery.

The campaign, which included concepts that were developed across building murals, print collateral, and banners, were completed in a record 3 weeks timeframe. The campaign rolled-out on time and continues to elevate morale and support the program as a permanent fixture. Since its inception, the productivity level has increased 56%.”

“Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future.”

Robert L. Peters

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