We developed an ad campaign to promote an internal initiative at the Nike facilities. These ads featured a series of dynamic visuals strategically affixed throughout the buildings. Avoiding the conventional creative approach, we developed our campaign to provoke and inspire in a traditional Nike fashion.


Pizzaro is a fast-casual, wood-fire pizza chain in Dubai. An American approach to the menu, this popular eatery takes on a clean design language that uses typography as a graphical statement, across signage, packaging materials, and menus.

Culver City Celebration, sponsored by Sony

Along with the development of the invitation, we adapted the brand elements to create interior & exterior signage for use throughout the city.

“Great design is a multi-layered relationship between human life and its environment.”

Naoto Fukasawa

Expo West

thinkThin tasked our team to develop a tradeshow booth showcasing their new product offering for the biggest natural foods tradeshow in the US. With bold packaging graphics and a consistent brand message, we developed larger-than-life billboard imagery that was eye-catching from across the main convention showroom.

Veggie Grill

With explosive growth throughout the US, the Veggie Grill team was set to share new restaurant concepts to promote their expansion. Prototypes of the trade channel interior were necessary to convey the concept. These images were developed as 3D renderings for use in presentation pitch decks which helped bring these concepts to-life.

Let's Get Coffee